Serie AF: Intercom-Modules with extra power

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Series AF 20 Intercom Modules have versatility in their technical genes. That’s because impressive sound amplification for Public Address applications (e.g., announcements, alarm messages, information/music feeds or advisements) is not the only thing they can do. In fact, the compact enclosure houses a fully featured Intercom station.

From amplifier to Intercom station – how does it work?

All it takes to converting the amplifier into a powerful, volume-enhanced Intercom station is a plug-in microphone, button and loudspeaker. Connect them to the unit, and there you have it: instant Intercom power! This kind of versatility makes the Series AF 20 modules ideally suited for all application environments requiring both crystal clear high-volume Public Address capabilities and Intercom communication in superior 16 kHz “enhanced HD Voice” speech quality.

 Highlights and functions

  • Robust housing for full protection of electronic parts inside
  • Easy universal installation on DIN top-hat rails
  • Energy-efficient 20 Watt Class-D amplifier
  • Available in cable-saving digital 2-wire technology and networkable IP technology
  • Cost-efficient connection of further IP-based devices via built-in Ethernet switch
  • Multiple built-in I/Os for controlling and monitoring third-party systems
  • Enhanced fail safety, thanks to redundant power supply via PoE (Power over Ethernet) or the Intercom Server
  • Additional availability safeguarding features, including continuous functionality and connectivity self-monitoring
  • Graphic equalizer for individual sound fine-tuning

Serie AF